From estimating to final clean up, we believe in partnership & trust and work with you to create a great space.

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget constraint.

We Truly Care

Our Promise to You

Leave it to Us

Whether it's getting your property remodeled or fixing damage that's been done to your property, we're here to help you every step of the way.

We believe in quality workmanship, which we consistently deliver through our experience and integrity.

We Love What We Do

ATP Construction, LLC has been around since 2012 and have over 37 years of combined Multi-Family renovations experience.

Why Choose Us

ATP Construction, LLC is headquartered in Richardson, TX and performs work in several additional states (e.g. Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Washington and Missouri). We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and other members of your organization to provide a "one stop shop" for all your communities. Thank you for considering ATP Construction for your future projects.

ATP Contruction, LLC was created to implement policies and procedures that will provide our customers with superior results. We understand how the renovation process can be a major inconvenience to both the on-site management staff but even more so to the residents. Our primary goal is to complete each project in the least amount of time, with the least amount of site disturbance and with the highest quality of workmanship. This is accomplished through detail scheduling, superior project management and communication which results in unmatched customer satisfaction.



Our philosophy is that quality in all areas of business from estimating, accounting, construction, final clean up and payment requisition is equally important.

Each employee, subcontractor, vendor, and client is important to our success. We believe that each project has to be handled as a team. Our objective is to expand upon our respected clients base as we continue to achieve customer satisfaction as we move forward down the road.



We strive to be a healthy successful company that stands out from all other small construction companies while maintaining our loyal client base.

Our goal is to be an example of how to succeed and ultimately become one of the premier contracting firms not only in Texas but nationally. 





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"Multi-Family Specialist"